Royal Greenwich Fencing Club

Royal Greenwich Fencing Club Is a very friendly and welcoming South East London club that puts an emphasis on having fun fencing. Specifically we offer a local venue with a relaxed atmosphere, where people of all ages have the chance to try their hand at fencing.

Students can learn and fence at their own pace, for fun, and we welcome existing fencers and competitive level fencers. Anyone wishing to hone their skills against new opponents, for training and for fun, is welcome.

We are an independent and privately run club which aims to promote fencing by making it more accessible. So as to generate more interest in this Olympic sport, doing this from a grass roots level up. We are a non profit organisation and plough all our fees back into the club. We are affiliated to the BFA and our coaches are all BFA qualified.

Fees include the use by our members of both the basic fencing equipment required to train with, and electric equipment to fight with. We also offer a 25% discount for adult concessions and a 25% discount for junior second siblings.

 Woolwich Photographic Society Fencing Shoot

Aperture came along to the club one evening to try and take some interesting shots of the clubs members fencing, and this gallery contains some of these. To see pictures of other subjects from Aperture you can just follow this link .

Royal Greenwich Session, Course & Event Calendar

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October 16 - October 22
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    Junior Session Term 3

    19:00 -21:00
    Shrewsbury House Community Centre, 30 Bushmoor Crescent, Shooters Hill, Plumstead, London, SE18 3EG
    Shrewsbury House Community Centre, 30 Bushmoor Crescent, Shooters Hill, Plumstead, London, SE18 3EG
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    No events
  • 18
    No events
  • 19

    Adult Session Term 3

    20:00 -22:00
    Shrewsbury House Community Centre, 30 Bushmoor Crescent, Shooters Hill, Plumstead, London, SE18 3EG
    Shrewsbury House Community Centre, 30 Bushmoor Crescent, Shooters Hill, Plumstead, London, SE18 3EG
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    No events
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    No events
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    No events

The weapons taught at the club are:

The Sabre, in the modern Hungarian style, from the mid nineteenth century. Using the characteristics of the cut and less so the thrust. It also uses the convention of priority. Sabre is the practice weapon for the military Sabre and the third fencing weapon.

The Foil, in the classic French style of the mid twentieth century and using the classic French grip. This weapon uses the characteristics of the thrust and convention of priority. Foil is the practice weapon for the Small Sword and the first fencing weapon.

The Epee, in the modern Hungarian style and using the classic French grip. it uses the characteristics of the thrust but not the convention of priority. Epee is the practice weapon for the Rapier, the preferred duelling weapon, and the second fencing weapon.

Insurance and Qualifications:

Royal Greenwich Fencing Club is affiliated to the British Fencing Association which is the sport’s national governing body. The Club’s details can be found on the BFA’s website by making a search by name of Royal Greenwich Fencing Club at http://britishfencing.com/clubs/find-a-club/ .

In being affiliated the Club is recognised by the BFA and covered under their insurance policy for our members protection. Details of the BFA’s insurance policy can be found at http://britishfencing.com/governance/insurance/

The qualifications required to become a registered fencing coach can be found at http://britishfencing.com/courses/coach/how_to_become_a_coach. Once a coach has met all the required criteria, and the corresponding documentation has been submitted to the BFA for verification, the coach will be added to the BFA’s Coach Register, updated every month, and accessed at http://britishfencing.com/courses/coach/coach_register. Here their qualification as a BFA coach can easily be checked online, by clicking on the Registered Coaches by Surname hyperlink and searching for the name.

You can check that a coach conforms to all the requirements of the BFA, and is fully qualified by following the links above.

Royal Greenwich Fencing Club meets at Shrewsbury House Community Centre on Shooters Hill, Greenwich, South-East London. Details on how to get there can be found here.

Please be aware that attendance at the Club is by prior arrangement only.