Club Welfare Officer: Mrs Elaine Mortimore

If you have any worries or concerns relating to welfare at the club please speak to Mrs Elaine Mortimore at the club. Or you can send an email to her at jason.j.m113@gmail.com.

The qualifications required to become a registered club welfare officer can be found here   Once a welfare officer has met the required criteria, and the corresponding documentation has been submitted to the BFA for verification, the welfare officer will be added to the BFA’s Welfare Officer Register, updated every month, and accessible via this link. Here a Registered Welfare Officers qualifications can be verified by searching for them by club.

Club COVID-19 Officer: Mrs Elaine Mortimore

COVID-19 Requirements [Updated 16/07/22].

Statement: The following are a combination of guidance and requirements from the British Fencing Association, Shrewsbury House Community Association and Royal Greenwich Fencing Club; are MANDATORY and for the protection of all visitors, members, attendees, and staff.

Please note that we supply all attendees with a set of basic fencing safety equipment for their sole use during the session over the term and equipment is not to be shared.

Parking: Parents and members can park in the car park, space permitting.

Club Requirements: The following requirements must be followed by ALL visitors, members and attendees to Shrewsbury House who are there in connection with Royal Greenwich Fencing Club, and the following must be regarded as applying to ALL, infringements will result in immediate barring from the Club, and temporary or permanent suspension.

  • All visitors will need to comply with and support Shrewsbury House to implement their COVID-19 safety measures.
  • ALL attendees, prior to travelling to the club, MUST CHECK that they are NOT SUFFERING from any of the SYMPTOMS of COVID-19; and only ATTEND if they can CONFIRM that THEY are FIT to participate in the session, in that they are not experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19.
  • All members must provide up to date contact information to the club.
  • All attendees should use sanitiser hand gel before and after class, and wash their hands when needed in between.
  • All attendees should bring their own sanitiser hand gel with them to each session and water bottle, preferably marked with their name.
  • All attendees should maintain social distancing and refrain from physical contact with each other; avoiding touching other attendees and surfaces.
  • All attendees MUST NOT share equipment or clothing with each other.
  • The wearing of face masks is now optional.
  • Parents of junior members must wait with their child in the porch or reception to hand them over to a club officer, before they leave, and then collect them from a club officer from reception at the end of the session, which is 9 pm, unless an earlier time has been agreed.
  • Parents can no longer accompany children to room 7, and or stay in room 7.
  • All rooms must be vacated promptly to allow for extra cleaning between sessions.
  • Toilet facilities are provided, but must be used on a ‘one in, one out’ basis where possible.

Welfare Documents, Policies & Guidance

Below are links to PDF copies of the BFA’s welfare documents held on the BFA’s website and adopted by Royal Greenwich Fencing Club. Click on the appropriate link to view the document in full.

BF Child Protection Policy

Adults at Risk Policy

BF Anti-Bullying Policy

Collection and Late Collection Policy

British Fencing Code of Conduct

Safeguarding in British Fencing for Parents