Membership Fees, Enrolment, Statement, Terms and Conditions

Membership Fees.

Membership fees cover the applicable period of the taster, course or term, 2 or 10 weeks.

The fencing term is applicable for those that can already fence or are returnees to fencing, and the beginners taster sessions or course is for those new to fencing, wishing to learn or returnees wanting a refresher.

Juniors can reserve a guaranteed place with a 25% deposit payment of £15.00, with the balance due 21 days prior to the start of the course.

When paying membership fees for a junior or adult terms fencing, or a junior beginners course more than 21 days in advance of the start date, individuals can benefit from a £10.00 early booking discount.

The adult beginners taster sessions allow adults to give fencing a go for just £20.00 and decide if they like it without committing to the full cost of a course, with payment required more than 21 days in advance of the start date.

Adult Fencer Term Membership

  • Adult fencing term £80.00
  • Adult fencing term £70.00 (with early booking discount)
  • Adult fencing term concession £60.00
  • Adult fencing term concession £50.00 (with early booking discount)
  • Adult single fencing session £9.00
  • Adult single fencing session concession £7.00
  • Adult individual fencing lesson (20 minutes) £8.00

Adult Beginner Course Membership

  • Adult beginners taster sessions £20.00 (2 lessons)
  • Adult beginners taster sessions concession £15.00
  • Adult beginners course (after taster sessions) £70.00 (8 lessons)
  • Adult beginners course (after taster sessions) concession £52.50
  • Adult beginners taster sessions & course £90.00 (10 lessons)
  • Adult beginners taster sessions & course concession £67.50
  • Adult beginners taster sessions & course (with early booking discount) £80.00 
  • Adult beginners taster sessions & course (with early booking discount) concession £60.00

Junior Fencer Term Membership

  • Junior fencing term £60.00
  • Junior fencing term £50.00 (with early booking discount)

Junior Beginner Course Membership

  • Junior beginners course £70.00
  • Junior beginners course £60.00 (with early booking discount) 
  • Junior second sibling discount of 25% available on junior fees

25% Discount available on all Junior fees for second siblings

Private daytime and evening lessons (including venue hire) £36.00 per hour


All prospective new Fencers and Beginners to the Club must review the Club’s membership fees (above), enrolment, statement, terms and conditions and welfare documentation (found here ), and agree to follow them all.

If after reviewing all of the above, you find them acceptable to you, and you wish to enrol on a taster, course or for a term, you must download a copy of the RGFC Contact & E.C.I Form, available below, complete it in full and email it in the same format to You can also print it off, complete it, and scan it in the same format and email it, or request a copy of the form to be emailed to you.

We will then reply to you providing details of availability, or start date and payment details.

You can reserve a guaranteed place on a junior beginners course with a 25% deposit payment of £15.00, with the balance due 21 days prior to the start of the course.

We can accept payment for all tasters, terms and courses via internet banking using BACS or Faster Payment Service (FPS). We can also accept chip and pin and contact less credit/debit card payments from Visa, V PAY, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express, Discover, Diners Club and Union Pay, as well as NFC payments via Google and Apple Pay with prior notice.

The club deems a booking to have been made when payment is received.

The club accepts a variety of payment methods. 

Email for further information.


Royal Greenwich is a private and independently run nonprofit community fencing club, where no advisory committee members, club officers, coaches, instructors, helpers or attendees receive a salary, wage or equivalent for their help or services.

Being a nonprofit club all moneys generated at and by Royal Greenwich go towards venue hire, the upkeep, renovation and renewal of the club’s equipment, volunteer training and statutory certification.

Terms and Conditions

It is a club requirement that prior to attendance of the club, all beginners and term fencers complete a club form, available below, containing their Emergency Contact Information and Medical Information.

It must be returned in the same format to the club in advance of attendance to allow for processing, failure to do so will result in the individual being denied attendance.

The club operates a dress code, which can be found here, and requires as a condition of membership that all attendees follow it.

All beginners must register for the BFA’s free 90 day introductory membership, available here.

The club operates out of a private venue; the space required being reserved in advance for the use of its members, and paid for whether they attend the scheduled sessions or not.

Given the above, the club deems that any and all individuals who book and pay for any session, or sessions, freely commit to and intend to attend all the booked sessions.

Being a nonprofit club and contractually obliged to pay for this reserved space, all payments for sessions are deemed as final, with no refunds available.

Prospective attendees should consider whether these terms and conditions are acceptable to them and only book a session or sessions if they deem that they are, and therefore the club regards the booking of the aforementioned session or sessions by individuals as acceptance in full of these terms and conditions.

All bookings for individual fencing sessions, taster sessions, a term’s fencing sessions or a courses sessions should now be paid for in advance of the beginning of the applicable term.

All junior terms or beginners courses booked three weeks or more in advance will now be charged at a discounted rate, and so individuals who book early will benefit from an early booking discount.

Bookings made less than three weeks prior to the start of a new term will be charged at the full rate.

Where bookings are made after the early booking deadline, but the early booking rate is applied, individuals have until the fifth session of the term to pay the balance or forfeit their last two sessions.

If you are having difficulties with the form that you have been sent, please download it in one of the two formats provided below, complete it in full, and send it in the same format electronically to the club’s email address

Please note that the club reserves the right at any time to change or amend these terms and conditions without prior notice.