Special Events, Taster Sessions, Demonstrations and others

School Fencing Taster Sessions

We can also run fencing taster sessions for schools, where groups of pupils can be given a basic introduction on how to fence, and using all the basic safety equipment give it a go.

School Demonstrations

The Club can arrange to visit a school and put on a fencing demonstration for pupils, to show what modern fencing is like. Showing how the various weapons are used, and the equipment required. How the fights (bouts) are conducted and scored using the electric scoring apparatus as used in the Modern Olympics. Demonstrations can be arranged to take place during school hours and during term times.

‘Red Letter Days’

We offer fencing ‘Red Letter Days’, where people can get the chance to have a go at fencing. These are short intense courses for beginners or fencers trying out a different weapon or ex-fencers thinking of getting back into fencing. We can also include the history of the sword and sword fencing and examples of the historical weapons used.

  • Husband training as part of a birthday present taster session

Corporate Team Building

The Club can offer corporate team building exercises, where personnel are split into groups and trained to fence. The groups must work together as teams in order to grasp the intricacies of fencing, with the object being for their team to fence their opponents and win.

Women’s SportsNet

We run classes in support of the Women’s SportNet for Women’s Sport Week and the Activ8afriend initiative.

  • Adult foil beginners practising lunging

All of the events that we can offer above are tailor made to fit the requirements of the customer and can be held at their venue or ours, Shrewsbury House, the location of which can be found here.

For further information on what we can offer or to discuss your requirements please email us at info@royalgreenwichfencingclub.org.uk .