Club steam & electric weapons, wires, masks & gloves

Equipment available, Weapons and Clothing:

The Club has an extensive range of male and female right and left handed fencing equipment. We supply both weapons and safety clothing for use by our adult and junior members.

There are 3 fencing weapons provided at the Club, the Foil, Epee and Sabre. Supplied in steam, (non-electric), and electric versions, in junior blade sizes 0, 2 and 3, and adult size 5. Steam weapons are used for training, and when visually judging hits in fights. Electric weapons are used when judging hits in fights using the electric scoring apparatus.

We supply both 350N (newton) and 800N (newton) rated clothing, which is the standard required by the BFA (British Fencing Association) our national governing body (NGB). We also provide Foil and Sabre Lames, which are thin metallic jackets worn over the fencing jacket when using the electric scoring apparatus.

While most fencers will want to acquire their own equipment eventually, we can supply members with all the items necessary for them to start training and fighting straight away.

We ask that beginners dress appropriately and require that they wear the following:

  • Tracksuit Trousers with zip, no pockets or sewn up pockets
  • T-shirt (preferably crew-neck)
  • Trainers or Squash Shoes

The basic fencing safety equipment we provide is:

  • The Mask, 350 & 800 newton (available in Small to Extra Large)
  • The Under Plastron, 350 & 800 newton, left or right handed (available in Junior to Large)
  • The Fencing Jacket, 350 newton, left or right handed (available from chest size 32-52)
  • The Glove, left or right handed (available in Small to Large)
  • The Chest Protector, (available in various sizes, for Women only) [shown below]

A Club epee body wire, Women’s chest guard (required for Women only) & foil/sabre body wire

(We do not provide Groin Protectors such as Cricket Boxes for Men but recommend their use)

The Club also provides for its members use full sets of electric fencing equipment for all three weapons, for men and women, left and right handed.

Electric Equipment

  • Steam Foil Equipment

 The electric fencing equipment provided is:

  • The Insulated Foil Mask, 350 newton (available in Small to Extra Large)
  • The Un-insulated Epee Mask, 350 newton (available in Small to Extra Large)
  • The Electric Sabre Mask, 350 & 800 newton (available in Small to Extra Large)
  • The Foil/Sabre Body Wire
  • The Epee Body Wire
  • The Sabre Mask Wire
  • The Breeches, 350 newton (available in Small to Large)
  • The Electric Sabre Glove, 800 newton (available in Medium)
  • The Electric French Foil, (available in blade size’s 3 and 5)
  • The Electric French Epee, (available in blade size’s 2 and 5)
  • The Electric Hungarian Sabre, (available in blade size’s 2 and 5)
  • The Foil Lame, for left or right handers (available from chest size 32-52)
  • The Sabre Lame, for left or right handers (available from chest size 32-52)