Holiday Courses

Holiday Courses at Royal Greenwich Fencing Club

We now run Holiday courses at Royal Greenwich Fencing Club aimed at children during the half term and summer holidays. The Children’s Fencing Courses for the holidays is a beginners course for 7-16 year olds of two hours duration a day. It is set over five days, so a total of ten hours instruction in the week.

Every day the students will start their session by undertaking a warm up, on the first day this will be followed by a safety talk and show.

They will be equipped with all the basic fencing safety equipment required, and when ready to fence the corresponding electric equipment.

Students will be taught the basic fencing posture, the grip, advance and retire and make explosive and accelerating lunges. Then simple and compound attacks, parries, direct and in-direct ripostes and counter ripostes.

They will be taught fencing terminology, concepts and etiquette.  

Students will take part in fencing matches using electric fencing equipment and scoring apparatus, and will  be taught the conventions of fencing in a competition, and how to preside over, judge and run a fencing bout and pool.

Sessions will be between 3pm and 5pm Monday to Friday.

Monday to Wednesday in Room 5, Thursday and Friday in Room 7.

The available dates are the 23rd to 27th October.

The cost of the holiday course is the same as the Junior Beginners Course, just £60.00 per person. The course delivers the same 10 hour content too.

Availability of sessions is dependant on take up.